Over Analyzing

Over Analyzing

Every time that I have to plan something I over analyze the shit out of it, so much so that I can never come to a decision about anything. I worry about all the details, I worry that some of those details will not be good for everyone that will be coming. I worry that guests will not have fun. I worry about who to invite and who to not invite. I worry that someone who is invited will tell someone who is not being invited. I worry that person will be upset with me. I worry about what type of food to make, should I have some people bring a dish? Will they feel obligated to? I don’t want that. Will they feel left out because I didn’t ask them to bring a dish? What about entertainment? What if my guests are bored? Do I really want to have this party?

The reason I bring this up is because my husband and I just recently bought a new house and now we are having a house warming party. Our house is perfect for my husband and I. We are minimalist. There is just the two of us and our dog. We live a simple life and don’t need anything for the house so we told our guests “no gifts”. When we moved we got rid of 2/3 of our belongings, we don’t put knickknacks all over our house. Just a few things hear or there, the majority of the items in our house are functional, we use them, they just don’t sit there and look nice. If it is going to be in our house it has a duel purpose. Our house is only 650 square feet, that’s all the two of us need, we are not the kind of people that need the biggest and best of things. So our house is perfect for us, we are actually saving to have a Tiny House built for us.

We bought our house in January and now it is July and we are having our party now so that it can be outside. Our house does not fit many people, so we waited for summer to have the party in our backyard since we have two lots worth of property. Going over the guest list is insane, I am pretty sure we invited to many people. I just didn’t want anyone to feel left out. We made it an open house type party, so people can come as go as they please. We didn’t want people to feel obligated to stay the entire time. I am sure some will, I just hope the majority does not.

We live on a dead end and I am having anxiety about where people are going to park. We have plenty of grass space for cars but I really don’t want my lawn ruined but does that out way having to piss off my neighbors because people are parking up and down the street? No conclusion on that yet. Really no conclusion on anything, we haven’t decided on what food or who is making what, there will be kids there and I have nothing to entertain kids of any age because my husband and I do not have any. So much still needs to be done…

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