Stammering Speach

Stammering Speach

We have all been before and have failed miserably. Talking to people with the thoughts in our heads running around and not be able to come out of our mouths properly. This has happened to me on numerous occasions that most of the time I keep my mouth shut. There are times though that I need to convey myself with others and I just hope that I do not make a fool out of myself. It takes me time to process what people say to me and then it takes me time to process what I want to say. This often leads to uncomfortable silences while the other person waits for me to answer.

Just the other day we had to have a guy to come out and look at our roof. My husband, Howard, called a local commercial roofing company to set up a free estimate to determine if our roof needs to replaced or just repaired. The guy was scheduled to come out on a Saturday around three in the afternoon. Howard had to work in to work in the morning and was supposed to be home at two but he was running late, he had a problem with a project that he was working on come up and it had to be taken care of before he left. I didn’t start to panic at this point. I started to get a little anxious at two fifty and Howard still hadn’t made it home yet. He had called at two thirty to say he was on his way home. The roofing guy showed up at two fifty five. Usually I love it when people are early but not when it’s just me there to carry the conversation.

I had to talk to this guy for ten minutes, just him and me before my husband finally arrived home. For most people this would not have registered on any radar to be a bad situation but for me this was one of worst things to have happen. Not because I thought he was going to harm me in any way, he was actually a really nice guy. It was because I had to talk to this complete stranger about roofs. Roofs, something I know nothing about and I had to describe to him the issues we were having. I tried to show him all of the outside and tried to keep him out of the house for as long as possible. The only worse thing is having a stranger in your house.  Luckily for me Howard did arrive before the outside tour ended and I gave my husband the floor and pretended to busy myself with a garden chore so the two guys could do their thing.

My husband finds this situations extremely humorous. He is an extrovert and thinks that I am a silly person, he could never understand how it makes me feel, that’s fine though, because he is really good about being the one that talks to people. He felt bad about not being there before the roofing guy showed up. He felt bad but still laughed about it for hours afterward.

Thanks all, let me know what you think!


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