Strangers At Home

Strangers At Home

I thought going out in public and having to be around other people was bad, even worse is having to talk to people when you are out and about. The only thing I want to do when I am out in public is get my errands done as soon as possible so I can go back home. I most definitely do not want to talk to people. Any people.This is why I do most of my shopping online or I make my husband to into the store by himself and get what I need. I know that the majority of people are nice and probably worth talking to but to me it’s like more than likely I am never going to see that person again or remember that I saw that person so why bother with small talk. I don’t know you so anything you say to me will not have any baring on my day except to give me anxiety about not coming off completely awkward. It’s better for everyone that we just don’t start a conversation.

With that said, the only thing worse than that is having someone come to your house unexpected. If I am by myself, the only time that I will answer the door is if that person saw me and then I get them to leave as soon as I answer the door. If they didn’t than I will not answer. Sorry dude, you should have let me know that you were coming over. My home is my sanctuary and it is not to be disturbed at any cost unless we have previous discussed inviting people over. Then I just wait for the gathering to end so I can go back to my normal boring self.

Even worse is having to invite a complete stranger over because you have a dead tree in your yard and you need it taken care of before it falls on your house and kills you. This happen to us over the weekend. This was good and bad. Good because I was prepared for this person to come over, bad because this person still had to come over. Good because my husband was with me, bad because I still had to talk to him. Not that he was rude or anything like that because he was actually a nice guy, most people are nice. We used a local tree company and he was super professional and everything but just having to have him come out to the house gave me a little anxiety. I’m thankful that my husband took charge and did most of the talking, I was just trying to figure out how I could get away without it seeming extremely awkward. Fortunately the guy didn’t stay long, he just took some notes about the situation and we made an appointment for his company to come back out and get this tree taken care of. My husband works from home two to three days a week depending, so he made the appointment on one of the days that he will be home and I will be at work. This is one of the many reasons that I love my husband so much. Even though he thinks I am silly for not wanting to talk to people, he still tries to get me out of situations where that will happen.

Thanks guys for reading, hope to have you back!


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